Our Spring/Summer 2019 collection was inspired by the Swahili coast of Africa, and the port city of Zanzibar. Fringed by palm trees and surrounded by the cerulean Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is an island at a crossroads, where merchants from the Mediterranean would meet silk traders from the Middle East. The port flourished, creating a unique vernacular design culture combining Indian metalwork and textiles, Arabian woodwork and jewelry, and African embroidery and architecture into a syncretic language of its own. The collection evokes the intricate beauty of a monumental Zanzibar carved door, hiding a passageway leading to white-washed balconies, overlooking the sparkling refractions of the jewel-like water, and a vista in every direction.


The path to heaven does not lie down in flat miles, it’s in the imagination with which you perceive this world, and the gestures with which you honor it.