This collection was inspired by Sassania, the ancient Persian culture known for their intricate silk and metalwork traditions. We translated these motifs into a collection with references to mythical feathered birds soaring off textiles, tarnished metal sequins studded like dirhams, and the infinitely beaded stucco walls of desert palaces. The collection is tinged with turmeric yellow, deep fuschia, and the black velvet of the Mesopotamian sky at night. The Sassanians built beautiful structures that turned to ruin, leaving the Islamic poet al-Sharif Murtada to muse about them centuries later, walking through the bare archways, describing “their courtyards, the canopies of heaven” and meditating on life amongst all this crumbling beauty, saying "many ways of life passed away before your time. Then, go about the earth and behold all that happened."


The path to heaven does not lie down in flat miles, it’s in the imagination with which you perceive this world, and the gestures with which you honor it.